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Ömer Taşpınar is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a professor of national-security strategy at the National Defense University in Washington. He is the author of two books: “Political Islam and Kurdish Nationalism in Turkey” and “Winning Turkey: How America, Europe and Turkey can Revive a Fading Partnership” (with Philip Gordon). His research focuses on the Middle East, Europe, Muslim minorities in the West, radicalization and the global political economy. He is a frequent commentator for major Turkish, American, European and Middle Eastern news outlets.

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Russia Returns to the Graveyard of Empires By Nikola Mikovic - Mar 17, 2023

Even as Russia struggles to achieve military and political success in Ukraine, its leaders have turned their attention to another regional objective: restarting business in the “graveyard of empires.” Six months ago, Moscow inked a deal with the Taliban to supply gasoline, oil, and wheat to Afghanistan. Some of those commodities are now arriving by road and rail from Central Asia, providing Afghans … Continue reading “Russia Returns to the Graveyard of Empires”

China Brings Saudi Arabia and Iran Together – Pushes America Out By Faisal Al Yafai - Mar 17, 2023

In diplomatic terms, the optics were shocking. Here were representatives from Saudi Arabia and Iran smiling and holding hands in a foreign capital as they announced the restoration of diplomatic relations after a seven-year break. But the foreign minister in the middle, proudly bringing them together, was not a European or American politician, but China’s Wang Yi. No words were needed. The … Continue reading “China Brings Saudi Arabia and Iran Together – Pushes America Out”

With Russia in Their Sights, Chechens Depart Syria for Ukraine By Haid Haid - Mar 13, 2023

When Syrian mercenaries first began appearing a few years ago in other conflicts, such as in Libya and Azerbaijan, analysts wondered whether the fighters might eventually make their way to Ukraine. By contrast, few have paid attention to what role foreign fighters in Syria, particularly jihadists, might eventually play in Europe. That tunnel vision helps explain … Continue reading “With Russia in Their Sights, Chechens Depart Syria for Ukraine”

Israel’s Thin Democratic Veneer Begins to Slip By Joseph Dana - Mar 10, 2023

Cracks are starting to appear in Israel’s robust public relations strategy. It has taken decades for the Israeli government to convince supportive governments in the West, most notably the United States, that the country was a full-fledged democracy. The apparent hurdle has been the unavoidable reality of Israel’s control of millions of Palestinians. In the … Continue reading “Israel’s Thin Democratic Veneer Begins to Slip”

Biden’s Diplomacy Without Deadlines Erodes US-Gulf Alliance By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Mar 8, 2023

As US and Gulf Cooperation Council officials huddled in mid-February to discuss military coordination that could counter Iran’s destabilizing activity in the region, an explosive Iranian drone slammed into an Israeli-owned tanker in the Arabian Sea. Though committed to GCC security and the freedom of navigation in the Gulf – a waterway through which a quarter of global energy is shipped – the US has … Continue reading “Biden’s Diplomacy Without Deadlines Erodes US-Gulf Alliance”