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Faisal Al Yafai is currently writing a book on the Middle East. He is also a frequent commentator on international TV networks such as CNN, the BBC and France 24. Al Yafai has been an investigative journalist for The Guardian, a documentary journalist for the BBC and a writer for other news outlets. He is also an essayists and playwright. Al Yafai has reported from across the Middle East, and from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. He served as a Churchill Fellow in Lebanon and Indonesia. He can be followed on Twitter @FaisalAlYafai.

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Biden’s Diplomacy Without Deadlines Erodes US-Gulf Alliance By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Mar 8, 2023

As US and Gulf Cooperation Council officials huddled in mid-February to discuss military coordination that could counter Iran’s destabilizing activity in the region, an explosive Iranian drone slammed into an Israeli-owned tanker in the Arabian Sea. Though committed to GCC security and the freedom of navigation in the Gulf – a waterway through which a quarter of global energy is shipped – the US has … Continue reading “Biden’s Diplomacy Without Deadlines Erodes US-Gulf Alliance”

Egypt’s Road to Damascus and the Dangers of a Frozen Ukraine War By Faisal Al Yafai - Mar 4, 2023

The gentle footsteps of normalization with the Assad regime have become considerably faster since the devastating earthquakes at the start of this month. Bashar Al Assad, for so long diplomatically confined to Damascus, first visited Oman. This week, there was a giant leap, as Egypt’s foreign minister landed in Damascus for further post-earthquake diplomacy. It’s not exactly that too much … Continue reading “Egypt’s Road to Damascus and the Dangers of a Frozen Ukraine War”

Negligence and Sorrow in Turkey’s Rubble By Alexandra de Cramer - Mar 2, 2023

Three weeks have passed since the devastating earthquakes that shook Turkey, demolishing 10 municipalities and killing more than 44,000. One in every seven people in the country has been directly affected by this disaster, leaving many to wonder: Was the crisis avoidable? Even as the death toll continues to climb, grief-stricken Turks are enraged by … Continue reading “Negligence and Sorrow in Turkey’s Rubble”