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Haifa Ahmed AlMaashi is director of geostrategic studies at the Dubai Public Policy Research Centre. Her main areas of interest are: the Yemeni crisis and its repercussions for the region; political Islam; terrorism; East Africa; and the Arab political economy. She was previously assistant professor at the University of Aden, and has lectured on various subjects, including politics and journalism. AlMaashi has a PhD from the University of Cairo, an MA the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a BA from the University of Kuwait.

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Get Ready for a New Wave of Resource Nationalism By Joseph Dana - Jan 9, 2023

Just as the supply chain crisis appears to be stabilizing, a new set of laws in southern Africa threatens one of the world’s essential commodities. Last month, Zimbabwe banned the export of raw lithium. The material is a vital part of batteries that power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. Zimbabwe is home to the world’s sixth-largest … Continue reading “Get Ready for a New Wave of Resource Nationalism”

Russia’s Winter War Has Frozen Europe’s Politics By Faisal Al Yafai - Jan 7, 2023

Christmas across the European continent was more subdued this year than usual, thanks to the war in Ukraine. Country after country sought to reduce their electricity consumption amid a cut in Russian gas supplies. Iconic stores on Paris’ Champs Elysees and the famous Christmas lights of London’s Oxford Street went dark every evening. In Germany, a government campaign sought to reduce … Continue reading “Russia’s Winter War Has Frozen Europe’s Politics”

Turkey’s Pipeline Politics in Central Asia By Nikola Mikovic - Jan 5, 2023

Central Asia and the South Caucasus have long been within Russia’s geopolitical orbit. But as the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine stumbles on, Turkey is looking to take advantage by increasing its influence in the strategically important regions. It’s no secret Ankara views Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan as countries that belong to the Turkic … Continue reading “Turkey’s Pipeline Politics in Central Asia”