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Suha Maayeh

Suha Ma’ayeh is a journalist based in Amman, Jordan. Her work has been published in Foreign Policy and CTC Sentinel. She also reports for The Wall Street Journal and other publications on Jordan and southern Syria.

Articles By Suha Maayeh

Plugging the Holes in Jordan’s Water Crisis By Suha Ma’ayeh - Feb 10, 2023

Jordan’s taps are drying up. One of the most water-starved countries in the world, Jordan is in the midst of a crippling water crisis fueled by population growth, climate change, drought, and depleted aquifers. But among the biggest contributors to Jordan’s water scarcity is something far more mundane: plumbing. Non-revenue water (NRW) – water lost to … Continue reading “Plugging the Holes in Jordan’s Water Crisis”

What’s Driving Jordan’s Fuel Protests? By Suha Ma’ayeh - Jan 2, 2023

Recent protests in Jordan over rising fuel prices and calls for government intervention have been met with an all too familiar response: Rather than addressing underlying grievances, authorities are instead responding with an iron fist. After demonstrations began on December 4 in the country’s south, Jordanian security forces used teargas and began arresting organizers and activists who showed solidarity. Protesters … Continue reading “What’s Driving Jordan’s Fuel Protests?”

Climate Change Could Stifle the Middle East’s Tourism Rebound By Suha Ma’ayeh - Nov 27, 2022

After a two-year slowdown, tourism is once again booming in the Middle East. As countries lift their COVID-19 travel restrictions and demand for travel returns, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) projects that the sector’s contribution to regional GDP will grow more than 36 percent in 2022 – to more than $256 billion. While this is undoubtedly great news for countries where tourism accounts … Continue reading “Climate Change Could Stifle the Middle East’s Tourism Rebound”

Jordan Struggles to Stem Violence Against Women By Suha Ma’ayeh - Jul 15, 2022

The recent killing of Iman Irsheid, a 21-year-old university student, has once again brought attention to the harsh reality that gender-based violence remains a shameful and entrenched problem in Jordan and other parts of the Middle East. Her attacker, 37-year-old Oday Hassan, shot her at least five times at a university campus in Irbid. A few … Continue reading “Jordan Struggles to Stem Violence Against Women”