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Joseph Dana

Joseph Dana is editor-in-chief of emerge85, a lab that explores change in emerging markets and its global impact. He was previously Monocle's Istanbul bureau chief, among other writing positions he has held in the Middle East. Dana's work has appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Nation and GQ. His reporting and analysis focus on the collision of culture, urbanism, economics and politics. Dana has an MA in European history and philosophy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Articles By Joseph Dana

AI Grows More Powerful While We Become More Predictable By Joseph Dana - Mar 23, 2023

With any groundbreaking new technology, the pace of adoption climbs quickly. Over the past two decades, new platforms and tools, from the iPhone to TikTok, have seen progressively faster adoption rates. The adoption rate of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence (AI) large language model owned by OpenAI, is unlike anything we have ever seen. Within five days of … Continue reading “AI Grows More Powerful While We Become More Predictable”

Israel’s Thin Democratic Veneer Begins to Slip By Joseph Dana - Mar 10, 2023

Cracks are starting to appear in Israel’s robust public relations strategy. It has taken decades for the Israeli government to convince supportive governments in the West, most notably the United States, that the country was a full-fledged democracy. The apparent hurdle has been the unavoidable reality of Israel’s control of millions of Palestinians. In the … Continue reading “Israel’s Thin Democratic Veneer Begins to Slip”

Could Expanding the BRICS Revive Its Mandate? By Joseph Dana - Feb 23, 2023

The potential expansion of the BRICS group of nations could fundamentally transform the future of global alliances, but it will likely fall flat. BRICS is an acronym for its member countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The countries created an alliance as a counterweight to similar Western partnerships in 2009. Since South Africa gained entry in 2010, there has … Continue reading “Could Expanding the BRICS Revive Its Mandate?”

China’s Belt and Road Objectives are Shifting By Joseph Dana - Feb 11, 2023

When the history of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is written, it’s unclear how much there will be to say that is positive. After spending more than $1 trillion to build a network of infrastructure projects across emerging market countries designed to connect large portions of the global economy to Beijing, cracks are beginning to form. Funding is … Continue reading “China’s Belt and Road Objectives are Shifting”

Electric Vehicles Are Now Mainstream, But No Silver Bullet By Joseph Dana - Jan 27, 2023

Electric vehicles are finally going mainstream. After decades of waiting for the EV revolution, more and more people worldwide are finally driving them. Driven by strong growth in China and Europe, EV sales crossed a critical milestone in 2022 with 10 percent of the global vehicle market share. As more governments, large and small, look to promote electric vehicle usage to combat … Continue reading “Electric Vehicles Are Now Mainstream, But No Silver Bullet”