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Joseph Dana

Joseph Dana is editor-in-chief of emerge85, a lab that explores change in emerging markets and its global impact. He was previously Monocle's Istanbul bureau chief, among other writing positions he has held in the Middle East. Dana's work has appeared in Le Monde Diplomatique, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Nation and GQ. His reporting and analysis focus on the collision of culture, urbanism, economics and politics. Dana has an MA in European history and philosophy from the Central European University in Budapest.

Articles By Joseph Dana

We Are in a Climate Emergency. No Solution is Too Novel By Joseph Dana - Sep 16, 2022

Did the Earth’s climate just cross the Rubicon? It certainly feels that way given all the extreme weather events taking place. Europe recorded its hottest summer on record. California remains in an unprecedented climate emergency that may result in rolling electricity blackouts. We don’t even know what challenges will take place in the Southern Hemisphere when summer sets in. The gravity of these climate-related events is … Continue reading “We Are in a Climate Emergency. No Solution is Too Novel”

Africa’s Cashless Future is Nearly Here By Joseph Dana - Sep 9, 2022

An American influencer on holiday in South Africa recently posted a viral video highlighting traveler misconceptions about Africa. In the video, she expressed astonishment at the number of cashless transactions taking place. “South Africa takes more Apple Pay than even in the United States,” the TikToker said. As one of the most industrialized countries on the … Continue reading “Africa’s Cashless Future is Nearly Here”

US Wants to Reset Relations With Africa. Is It Too Late? By Joseph Dana - Aug 19, 2022

The relationship between the US and Africa hasn’t been great in recent years. Under former President Donald Trump, US-African relations suffered terribly. Trump was openly hostile to several African nations, calling some “shithole countries” and canceling US commitments to vital climate change funds targeting Africa. On a multi-nation visit to sub-Saharan Africa this month, US secretary of … Continue reading “US Wants to Reset Relations With Africa. Is It Too Late?”

Future of China’s Belt and Road Lies in the Middle East By Joseph Dana - Aug 10, 2022

China’s “project of the century” is undergoing some profound changes. Less than a decade ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) to connect China to Eurasia through extensive maritime and overland trade routes. Despite the grand rhetoric of the BRI physically linking the global economy to Beijing, the initiative’s aims are straightforward. The BRI … Continue reading “Future of China’s Belt and Road Lies in the Middle East”

Are We Being Kept in the Dark About Artificial Intelligence? By Joseph Dana - Jul 28, 2022

There are many grand promises about the power of artificial intelligence. When we talk about the future of technology, AI has become so ubiquitous that many people don’t even know what artificial intelligence is anymore. That’s particularly concerning given how advanced the technology has become and who controls it. While some might think of AI … Continue reading “Are We Being Kept in the Dark About Artificial Intelligence?”