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John Sheldon

John B Sheldon is chairman and president of ThorGroup, a Swiss-based consulting and intelligence company serving the security, space and cyberspace sectors. He is also the publisher of SpaceWatch Global. Prior to his current positions, Sheldon was executive director of the George C. Marshall Institute in Washington, DC, and professor of space and cyberspace strategic studies at the US Air Force’s School of Advanced Air and Space Studies. Sheldon has consulted on space and cyber issues for numerous governments and corporations around the world. A former British diplomat, Sheldon holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Hull in the UK, and a PhD in politics and international relations from the University of Reading. He currently resides in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Articles By John Sheldon

The Middle East’s Cyber Security Crisis By John Sheldon - Jan 31, 2018

Many security specialists consider the Middle East to be the testbed for cyber espionage and warfare, especially since 2009 when the Iranian nuclear program was attacked by a malicious software called Stuxnet, allegedly by Israel and the United States. Cyberspace plays a vital role across the Middle East’s public, economic, political and strategic spheres. This … Continue reading “The Middle East’s Cyber Security Crisis”