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Jean-Francois Seznec

Jean-François Seznec is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies. He is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and a scholar at the Middle East Institute. He has lectured extensively on the industrialization and politics of the Gulf. Seznec has 25 years of experience in finance, of which 10 were spent in the Middle East. His latest book, co-written with Samer Mosis and published by Routledge, is “The Financial Markets of the Arab Gulf: Power, Politics and Money.” Seznec holds a MIA from Columbia University, and an MA and Ph.D. from Yale University.

Articles By Jean-Francois Seznec

With Budget Deficits Looming, What Will Gulf Oil Producers Do? By Jean-Francois Seznec - Apr 9, 2020

Gulf states understandably are ramping up spending in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But their income also is in sharp decline as oil prices test lows. They must thus decide how to cover newfound deficits as oil trades in the $20-$35 per barrel range, and natural gas at less than $3 per million BTU. … Continue reading “With Budget Deficits Looming, What Will Gulf Oil Producers Do?”