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Jalel Harchaoui

Jalel Harchaoui teaches geopolitics at the Université de Versailles and Université Paris-Est. He also teaches political risk at EDC Paris Business School. He is a PhD candidate in geopolitics at Université de Paris 8. In addition to research trips to Libya, he has performed fieldwork in Russia, Turkey, Egypt and several other countries involved in Libya's civil war. Harchaoui's research has been published in Foreign Affairs, The Washington Post, Lawfare, and other outlets. Apart from his focus on geopolitics, Harchaoui holds an MA degree in finance from Grenoble 2 University.

Articles By Jalel Harchaoui

Amid Tension in Western Libya, a New Narrative Reveals its Effectiveness By Jalel Harchaoui - Feb 12, 2018

As it marks the seventh anniversary of the anti-Gadhafi uprisings, Libya has no shortage of areas prone to a spike in violence. Yet, the greater Tripoli area stands out. Forty percent of the country’s 6.5 million citizens live in the capital. Every tile of the country’s human mosaic is represented in Tripoli’s eclectic makeup. Home … Continue reading “Amid Tension in Western Libya, a New Narrative Reveals its Effectiveness”