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Hussain Abdul-Hussain

Hussain Abdul-Hussain is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He focuses on the Gulf region and Yemen, including on Gulf relations with Iran and Israel. Born and raised in Beirut, Baghdad and Baalbek, Hussain earned a degree in history and archeology from the American University of Beirut, after which he worked as a reporter, and later managing editor, at Beirut’s The Daily Star. In Washington, Hussain helped set up and manage the Arabic satellite network Alhurra Iraq before heading the Washington bureau of Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai. Hussain has worked as a Visiting Fellow with London’s Chatham House, and has been published in The New York Times and The Washington Post and appeared on CNN and MSNBC and is a frequent commentator on major Arabic satellite networks.

Articles By Hussain Abdul-Hussain

The Cost of Iraq’s Empty Promises By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Nov 19, 2022

Less than a month after being inaugurated as Iraq’s prime minister, Mohammed Shia Al Sudani is already reneging on promises he made to secure his governing coalition. The longer these pledges go unmet, the longer Iraq’s destabilizing political polarization will persist. To elect a president and form a cabinet, Al Sudani’s pro-Iran Shia political bloc, the Coordination Framework, … Continue reading “The Cost of Iraq’s Empty Promises”

Scoring the Lebanon-Israel Maritime Deal By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Oct 17, 2022

The headline-grabbing maritime boundary deal announced between Lebanon and Israel this week produced several winners and losers. Determining who is who is another matter. Leaders in each country claimed victory after US President Joe Biden unveiled the agreement, while opposition groups on both sides accused their own governments of conceding national wealth. There are also questions about the deal itself and whether it will survive the political … Continue reading “Scoring the Lebanon-Israel Maritime Deal”

Iraq is Heading for Civil War. Washington Must Not Take Advantage By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Sep 9, 2022

Ten months after Iraq’s pro-Iran bloc was soundly defeated in Iraqi parliamentary elections, and less than a week after Shia cleric Muqtada Al Sadr announced his retirement from political life, a stalemate between Shia who oppose Tehran and those who support it seems to be leading the country toward civil war. Yet this is only half … Continue reading “Iraq is Heading for Civil War. Washington Must Not Take Advantage”

Iran Has Iraq’s Kurds in Its Crosshairs By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - Jul 8, 2022

After decimating Iraq’s Sunnis during years of political and military conquest, Iran and its Iraqi militias have now set their sights on Iraqi Kurdistan, harassing its government, targeting its energy facilities, and working to break and subdue the autonomous region – all while the United States is looking the other way. Iraq is currently the second largest OPEC oil producer and the fifth largest in the world, … Continue reading “Iran Has Iraq’s Kurds in Its Crosshairs”

Lebanon’s ‘Useless’ Election is Neither Free Nor Fair By Hussain Abdul-Hussain - May 14, 2022

It’s election season in Lebanon. Millions will head to the ballot box on May 15 to choose their parliamentarians, who will in turn elect a new president before October. International voting monitors are scheduled to observe election day and will likely report that the voting went smoothly. What they will miss, however, is the Hezbollah coercion that has occurred in the weeks and months leading up to … Continue reading “Lebanon’s ‘Useless’ Election is Neither Free Nor Fair”