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Haid Haid

Haid Haid is a Syrian columnist and a senior consulting research fellow of the Chatham House Middle East and North Africa Program. Previously, he was a program manager on Syria and Iraq at the Heinrich Böll Foundation Middle East Office in Beirut. He also worked as a senior community services protection assistant at UNHCR’s Damascus office. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology, a postgraduate diploma in counseling, master’s degrees in social development and conflict resolution as well as a PhD in war studies. His main research interests include security, conflict, governance, non-state actors and preventing and countering violent extremism.

Articles By Haid Haid

In Syria, There’s More to the Vlog Than Meets the Eye By Haid Haid - Aug 25, 2022

Earlier this year, Benjamin Rich, a British vlogger better known to his 3.6 million YouTube subscribers as Bald and Bankrupt, received a message on Instagram from a stranger who called himself Ayoub. The man’s message was simple: “Would you like a tour of Syria? I think you would enjoy it.” “Abso-bloodly-lutely,” Rich told him. In April, Bald and … Continue reading “In Syria, There’s More to the Vlog Than Meets the Eye”

Assad’s Strategy in Southern Syria is Fated to Fail By Haid Haid - Aug 15, 2022

On July 27, Syrian tanks rolled into the former rebel stronghold of Tafas, in Syria’s western Daraa province. The aggression, ostensibly to root out ISIS supporters, came just three days after military leaders suggested the operation could be avoided if the people they sought were voluntarily handed over. Yet no matter what the regime claims – or promises, for that … Continue reading “Assad’s Strategy in Southern Syria is Fated to Fail”

The Shadowy Economics of ISIS’s Resurgence in Syria By Haid Haid - Jul 29, 2022

Despite ISIS’s territorial defeat in Syria more than two years ago, the group has continued to terrorize people, particularly in the northeast. In June, ISIS sleeper cells were linked to 18 attacks and 16 deaths, on par with ISIS-linked violence in May, when 14 died in 26 attacks. The group’s survival is due, in part, to its ability to extort business owners to … Continue reading “The Shadowy Economics of ISIS’s Resurgence in Syria”

Violence Surges in Countryside Surrounding Damascus By Haid Haid - Jul 1, 2022

Since recapturing the largely agricultural province surrounding Damascus in 2018, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has sought to portray the capital as a haven of calm in a country riven by conflict. In addition to the city’s symbolic importance, securing Damascus and the outlying region known as Rural Damascus is essential for the regime’s political … Continue reading “Violence Surges in Countryside Surrounding Damascus”

Russia Maintains Grip on Syria While Mired in Ukraine By Haid Haid - Jun 17, 2022

In late February, when Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, regional analysts began speculating how the fighting would impact Moscow’s military presence in Syria. The guesswork didn’t last long. Faced with unexpected resilience from Ukraine’s army, Russia reportedly began to withdraw infantry, aviation, and engineering units from various parts of Syria. As a result, many assumed … Continue reading “Russia Maintains Grip on Syria While Mired in Ukraine”