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Christian Le Miere

Christian Le Miere is founder of Arcipel, a strategic advisory firm based in London and The Hague, which helps organizations understand and adapt to unpredictability. Prior to forming Arcipel, Le Miere worked as a senior advisor to an Abu Dhabi entity providing research, analysis and assessment on a variety of subjects. He also previously worked as a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, delivering military and security analysis and producing the publication, The Military Balance. He has edited a number of publications for Jane’s Information Group, including Jane’s Intelligence Review and Jane’s Intelligence Weekly. @c_lemiere

Articles By Christian Le Miere

Will UAE-Israel Trade Deal Open the Door for Other Arab Countries? By Christian Le Miere - Jul 1, 2022

A further momentous change in Arab-Israeli relations recently took place last month when the UAE and Israel signed a free trade agreement. The pact, the first of its kind between Israel and a Gulf Arab state, will lower tariffs, ease tax rates and facilitate business. With the agreement in place, there will be more interaction between … Continue reading “Will UAE-Israel Trade Deal Open the Door for Other Arab Countries?”

China’s Afghanistan Policy Runs Through Pakistan By Christian Le Miere - Sep 28, 2021

China has moved quickly to try and build influence with Afghanistan’s new government, headed by the Taliban. As early as July, as the war was turning decidedly in the Taliban’s favor, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, hosted the Taliban’s then political chief and now Afghanistan’s deputy prime minister, Abdul Ghani Baradar, in Tianjin. In early … Continue reading “China’s Afghanistan Policy Runs Through Pakistan”

Biden Administration Seeks Change in Style, Not Substance, with China Policy By Christian Le Miere - Feb 18, 2021

President Joe Biden was elected on a platform of change from the divisive rhetoric and haphazard policy-making process of the Trump administration, and on a promise of American renewal. But not all areas of policy are likely to change substantially. In fact, in the most consequential and pressing foreign-policy area – America’s relations with China … Continue reading “Biden Administration Seeks Change in Style, Not Substance, with China Policy”

After the Abraham Accords, Will Trade and Investment Follow? By Christian Le Miere - Jan 10, 2021

In a period of just a few months, four Arab nations have agreed to normalize relations with Israel – Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan and the UAE. Although they do not resolve the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, the Abraham accords create positive momentum for greater interaction, communication and stability in the Middle East. Apart from … Continue reading “After the Abraham Accords, Will Trade and Investment Follow?”