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Ben Lynfield

Ben Lynfield is the former Middle East affairs correspondent at the Jerusalem Post.

Articles By Ben Lynfield

Palestinians Brace for Israel’s New Right-Wing Coalition By Ben Lynfield - Nov 12, 2022

It was with chants of “Death to the Terrorists” that a new era opened in Israel after the November 1 election. That is how supporters of the Israeli far right greeted their leader, Itamar Ben-Gvir at a celebratory gathering of their Jewish Power party in Jerusalem after it emerged as a powerful potential coalition partner … Continue reading “Palestinians Brace for Israel’s New Right-Wing Coalition”

Only Arab Voters Can Curb Rise of Israel’s Extreme Right By Ben Lynfield - Sep 18, 2022

While legislation defines Israel as more of a Jewish ethnic state than a democracy, on election day, Arab citizens’ ballots are equal to those of Jews in a one-person, one-vote system. But this year, the Arab electorate is in danger of squandering this electoral equity. Despite the potential for anti-Arab extremists to be voted into office on November 1, polling … Continue reading “Only Arab Voters Can Curb Rise of Israel’s Extreme Right”

Israel’s Gaza War Shows Lapid’s True Colors By Ben Lynfield - Aug 21, 2022

The mainstream Israeli media and allies of Yair Lapid, the caretaker prime minister, were quick to declare Israel’s three day asymmetrical war against Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza a resounding success. But the truth is that this unwarranted round of fighting from August 5 to 7, not only killed dozens of  Palestinians, it left behind dangerous implications for the region … Continue reading “Israel’s Gaza War Shows Lapid’s True Colors”

Netanyahu ‘Doomsday’ Coalition Looms Over Israeli Elections By Ben Lynfield - Jul 8, 2022

Wedged between militarism and an expansionist religious nationalism, Israel, in the view of its dwindling peace camp, has clearly failed to become the just society envisioned by some of its founding fathers, albeit at the expense of the Palestinians. But in the current era in which extremism is increasingly entering the mainstream, especially dark days … Continue reading “Netanyahu ‘Doomsday’ Coalition Looms Over Israeli Elections”

International Pressure Needed to Thwart Largest Eviction of Palestinians in Decades By Ben Lynfield - Jun 16, 2022

About 1,200 Palestinian men, women and children living in a remote corner of the West Bank face expulsion by the Israeli army at any moment. If it goes ahead, the emptying out of eight Palestinian herding villages in the Masafer Yatta region will be the largest eviction of Palestinians since Israel occupied the West Bank … Continue reading “International Pressure Needed to Thwart Largest Eviction of Palestinians in Decades”