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Alexandra de Cramer

Alexandra de Cramer is a journalist based in Istanbul. She reported on the Arab Spring from Beirut as a Middle East correspondent for Milliyet newspaper. Her work ranges from current affairs to culture and has been featured in Monocle, Courier Magazine, Maison Francaise and Istanbul Art News.

Articles By Alexandra de Cramer

Femtech Can Revolutionize Women’s Health By Alexandra de Cramer - Dec 29, 2022

Although half the world’s population is female, “femtech” – products and services catering to women’s health and wellness – has long been considered by tech giants as too niche. But with the market projected to grow by more than 13 percent annually, reaching $75 billion by 2027, it appears that femtech’s moment has finally arrived. The question now is … Continue reading “Femtech Can Revolutionize Women’s Health”

Turkey’s Neolithic Farming Village is a Window, and a Mirror By Alexandra de Cramer - Dec 8, 2022

Archeological treasures unearthed at the Neolithic village of Cayonu, 40 kilometers northwest of modern-day Diyarbakir, in southeast Turkey, are challenging previous theories on prehistoric agrarian societies. In the process, they’re teaching us a few things about ourselves. In the early 1960s, Robert J Braidwood, an American archeologist and head of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, popularized a hypothesis that … Continue reading “Turkey’s Neolithic Farming Village is a Window, and a Mirror”

With an Election Approaching, Turkey Tightens Grip on Social Media By Alexandra de Cramer - Nov 20, 2022

Last month, Turkey declared war on disinformation with the passage of a 40-item law designed to govern how information is shared online. But by legally enshrining the power to regulate the country’s online discourse, Turkish authorities have made it even harder for the public to access news and brought new penalties for merely stating an opinion. Free speech and … Continue reading “With an Election Approaching, Turkey Tightens Grip on Social Media”

An Entertaining Window into Turkey’s Gross Misspending By Alexandra de Cramer - Oct 22, 2022

There are countless examples of the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) dubious spending habits, from $50,000 handbags for Turkey’s first lady to purchasing political support ahead of elections. Yet there’s no greater proof of the government’s reckless ways than the capital’s failed amusement park: Ankapark. Today, giant decaying dinosaurs tower over the $801 million ghost town in northern Ankara. When it … Continue reading “An Entertaining Window into Turkey’s Gross Misspending”