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Articles By AigerimToleukhanova

What Comes After Kazakhstan’s “Bloody January”? By Aigerim Toleukhanova - Feb 21, 2022

Earlier this month, people in Kazakhstan’s largest city Almaty gathered outside the General Prosecutor’s Office to demand the release of loved ones detained since demonstrations in January. Hundreds remain in custody on charges including terrorism after protests that were sparked by rising fuel costs became a nationwide referendum on the country’s political system. But even if calls for protesters’ freedom … Continue reading “What Comes After Kazakhstan’s “Bloody January”?”

After Protests, What Debt Will Kazakhstan’s Leaders Owe Russia? By Aigerim Toleukhanova - Jan 20, 2022

The protests that erupted in Kazakhstan last week, some of the bloodiest in the country’s history, came less than a month after Kazakhs celebrated three decades of independence from the Soviet Union. Now, as the dust clears from days of deadly unrest that killed more than 200 people, Kazakhstan may once again find itself pulled into the Kremlin’s orbit. … Continue reading “After Protests, What Debt Will Kazakhstan’s Leaders Owe Russia?”