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Effie-Michelle Metallidis

Effie-Michelle Metallidis is a technology and media strategist based in Los Angeles. Formerly a journalist based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, she has reported from the Middle East, South Asia and Europe on issues of US national security, foreign policy, culture and the Arab awakening. She is a co-founder of the online policy research institute, Synpraxis, and is also an affiliate at the AI Initiative, where she helped to compile the Global Civic Debate on Governing the Rise of Artificial Intelligence report, which was presented to the EU Parliament in 2018. She is also a screenwriter and essayist. Her scripts have made the semi-finals for the Sundance Episodic TV Lab (2016), Roadmap Writers (2017) and her writing has been featured on PBS/Frontline, Al Jazeera and Pangyrus Literary Magazine. Currently, she is a UX/UI design strategist who helps enterprises improve their user experiences through voice and visual design.

Articles By Effie-Michelle Metallidis

بعد الوباء.. ما ستكون هوية الافلام؟ بقلم ميشيل ميتاليديس - مايو 16, 2020

“ما هو فيلم كوفيد-19 التالي؟” تسألني إحدى العاملات في المطعم من خلف قناعها (كمامتها) وهي تضع لي كوبًا من شاي الماتشا المثلج على تلك الطاولة التي تم تعقيمها مسبقًا. وأنا أستنشق الرائحة من خلال قناع واقي للوجه وأتساءل. إن معالجة الصدمات الجماعية أمر غريب في العصر الرقمي الحالي. فلقد سعى بعض الجماهير إلى غمر أنفسهم … Continue reading “بعد الوباء.. ما ستكون هوية الافلام؟”